Hot new shoes and a cool idea

I saw two things on SFIst (and Gizmodo) that I HAD to repeat here.

1. Reebok has a hot new line of shoes that you won’t believe.

Kool-Aid Reebok shoes

Reebok has joined forces with Kool-Aid to make a line of shoes. That are the same color and SMELL as the Kool-Aid flavors. YOUR FEET WILL SMELL LIKE FAKE GRAPE. Who thought this was a good idea? More photos here.

2. This idea is actually pretty cool – the BART (a Bay Area Northern California transit system) will start testing ATM style library book machines. The program will be run by a local library. Their press release says:

The Contra Costa County Library is proud to be the first in the nation to offer the public book lending machines under a new program called Library-a-Go-Go. “We are so thrilled to be the first to offer reading materials in an ATM style lending machine,” said County Librarian Anne Cain. “We’re very fortunate to have BART helping us launch this endeavor. They’re the perfect partner.”

“BART has a history of being at the technological forefront. Being the first in the nation to install the book lending machines continues this tradition,” said BART Board President Gail Murray. “This project falls right in line with BART’s overall goals to help protect the environment, enhance accessibility and improve service to our customers.” Murray added.

The first Library-a-Go-Go machine is scheduled for service at the Pittsburg/Bay Point Bart station in April. “This is a fantastic idea,” said Chair and District V Supervisor Federal D. Glover. “It just makes so much sense to bring books right to the people, especially in the Bay Area where we average the second longest commute in the country.”

Anyone with a Contra Costa County Library card will be able to check out and return books. “Pittsburg/Bay Point riders won’t have to use their cars to make the extra trip to pick up a good book to read on BART,” said BART District 2 Director Joel Keller. “Library-a-Go-Go offers passengers a library experience that is fast, available at convenient hours, easy to use and customer focused.”

Phase One plans call for three other locations, including the transit village at the BART station in Pleasant Hill, a site in Byron/Discovery Bay and a fourth location as yet to be decided. This innovative technology will deliver services where currently none exist in the far East County communities of Discovery Bay, Byron, Knightsen and Bethel Island, without the expense of a new library building. District III Supervisor Mary N. Piepho remarked, “Reading is so important for building strong societies. Through these machines we’ll make it easy to borrow books whether you are a business commuter on BART, or a parent checking out children’s books at a machine in a local shopping center “

Cool idea!

Ok, LOST is back on. See ya!

4 thoughts on “Hot new shoes and a cool idea”

  1. I love the library a go go idea! That is so cool! I’m a library junkie… I go a couple times a week. I use to go even more before they f***ked up hwy 40.

    As for the shoes, I wouldn’t mind my feet smelling like red cherry or lemon-lime.

  2. The library thing would be great if you knew exactly which books you were after, half the time I have no idea and spend hours thumbing through books until I find something.

    I haven’t been to the library since we left SoCo, inf act I must find out where the ST Charles ones are and join up (provided they are easy to drive too hee)

  3. KC – I love the idea too. I need to get a damn ID so I can find and GO to a library. Of course, I have so many books around the apartment I haven’t read yet, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. 🙂 I kinda wanna see if sports stores are CARRYING those shoes now.

    Pixie – True. Browsing is half the fun. Are you finding excuses to have to go out and drive a car? 🙂

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