25 years old?!?

There’s a new version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album out. Because it’s a TWENTY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY edition. TWENTY FIVE?!?!?! I got that album for Valentine’s Day, it must have been in 1983. It was the first “big girl” album of my very own choosing that I got. Previously I either spun baby Sesame Street stuff or something out of my parent’s collection (like The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, etc.) I was OBSESSED with the “Making of the Thriller video” VHS tape – I made my family rent it all the time. In it’s honor, I bring a Wednesday hump day flashback video of Beat It and that legendary red jacket.

Some fun facts that I learned from Wikipedia today:

1. Eddie Van Halen plays that rocking lead guitar you hear on Beat It. How did I not know that?

2. Several members of the band Toto helped with the recording of the album.

3. Thriller was actually the SIXTH solo album of Michael’s.

4. Thriller is the best selling album ever.

5. Thriller is one of only three albums to remain in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 for a full year, spending 80 consecutive weeks there, 37 at #1.

Personal fun fact: It’s the only album I’ve ever owned on vinyl, cassette, and CD.


7 thoughts on “25 years old?!?”

  1. I think Thriller was my first album, too. (Either that or Culture Club’s Color By Numbers).

    Around the time of Thriller’s release, someone came to our school to teach us the moonwalk. (I swear this is true.) And a lot of fifth grade boys developed a penchant for wearing one glove.

  2. I don’t think I ever owned the album, but I do remember buying it as a gift for someone else. I do, however, now own the MJ’s “Greatest Hits”. That is a way cool album!

  3. VK1 – The dude who used to look like this, but now looks like this.

    Kathy – Your school was MUCH cooler than mine! And yes, a lot of people had knock off red jackets and gloves at my school too.

    KC – He really had some fabulous songs. And then he got all crazy and weird.

  4. Thanks for making me feel even older KIM!
    25 YRS!!!

    I used to listen to that album for a while every night as I drifted off to sleep(until something else took over- Probably Adam and the ants Hee)

    Happy Valentine’s Day

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