In which the good guys lose

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’m a hockey fan. In St. Louis we had partial season tickets to the St. Louis Blues. It’s been a rough couple of years to be a Blues fan too, lemme tell ya. But with the fabulous new ownership, a new coach, and some smart drafts and trades, my boys’ future is promising. So on Thursday night we went downtown to see the Blues take on the San Jose Sharks – my first hockey game of the season. And we had a lot of fun. The score, not so great. But we had fun.

Something that struck me as interesting is that you can tell San Jose is a “new market” team, as a lot of the gimmicks and entertainments actually reminded me of a minor-league AHL game (I mean, they were identical to stuff we have seen at Chicago Wolves games). And they had some cheesy faux-organ work. And on power plays they play the Jaws theme song and do this shark chomping hand gesture that cracked me up. But the giveaways, they were very Silicon Valley – they had tons of giveaways and they were largely all things like HP Photo Printers and Sansa drives and mp3 players. it was kind of crazy. In any case, I snapped a few photos with my trusty iPhone and put the best up on flickr.

Zamboni Shark

I’ve also uploaded some Macworld 2008 photos, and various other snaps from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

MacBook Air floating in the air

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13 thoughts on “In which the good guys lose”

  1. Cool photos of MacWorld. I’ve been thinking a lot lately if I would ever buy a Mac for myself. It’s not that I’m a great big fan of Microsoft, it’s more that my specialized software programs for embroidery only run on Windows. Netflix “watch movies on your computer” only works on Windows. When I sit in front of hubby’s Mac, the only thing I ever do is check email. What advantage would it have for me?

  2. Well, there are some solutions now for running Windows apps on a Mac (and I’m hoping to test one out soon that doesn’t require you to have a Windows license… awesome…) but it can be tough if you have Windows only apps (particularly the stitching stuff). Netflix is working on a Mac client (I’ve emailed them about that) and I think that the new iTunes rentals store is really going to light that fire for them. 🙂

    One thing I think that Macs really excel at is creating movies/slide shows and ease of use in managing and publishing digital photos.

    Also, since there’s built in web cameras with mics, it’s really nice to be able to video conference with far away family. My husband does video chats with his mom all the time now. You could chat with The Boy (assuming he lets you).

    And with the new operating system, there’s a bitchin’ awesome backup program built in called Time Machine that I’m in love with. I NEVER used to remember to run backups of my stuff and now it does it automagically, and it does it really well.

    Plus, all the cool kid have them. 🙂

    Seriously though your stumbling block would be the stitching software.

  3. Macworld photos! Have you checked out some of the Mac groups on Flickr? It’s a good way to indulge your geek side.

    I don’t know about the macbook air. I actually kind of miss the bubbly, candy-colored Macs of the 90s.

  4. Lindsay – Forwarded to Mr. Craig!

    Kathy – I did see some pics on flickr. I have to say, I went last year too for work and the coolest highlight – I ran into Steve Wozniak and got my photo with him! That was my super geek “Eeeee!” moment. Woz was kind of awesome.

    The Air is kind of interesting, and it’s wicked small. But yeah, a niche market. One of my favorite designs ever was the clamshell candy colored iBook. Loved the handle, loved the design, and yay for color.

  5. Had box seats through a friend… was sitting there drinking free beer, mocking the people who were on the zambonis (saying how boring it would be after the first lap, and how you’re trapped for 10 minutes)… then the man w/ the walkie arrived and asked if I would like to ride… to which of course I said yes!

    Thanks for the FWD.

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