80s Flashback

I haven’t done an 80s flashback video in a long while so let’s all take a moment to watch the following gem:

Who’s Johnny by El Debarge

Incidentally, Fisher Stevens, the dude who plays the “Indian” doctor guy who works on Johnny 5 spent a lot of time in St. Louis last year producing the movie Bill, starring Jessica Alba and Aaron Eckhart. And they spent a number of days filming at the St. Louis Galleria where I used to work. And I literally almost walked into him on my lunch break. Which was weird. Because I’m walking the Galleria and then the following interior monologue took place in my head: “Hey jerk, get off the phone and pay attention and wait what the hell? Is that Fisher Stevens I just walked into? What the?”

Anyway, back to the point. I think that Short Circuit was clearly Steve Guttenberg’s best work ever. I friggin loved that film as a kid. And what ever happened to Ally Sheedy?

And that’s enough spacey rambling for one night. Enjoy the flashback!

5 thoughts on “80s Flashback”

  1. Kathy – I believe I did too.

    Pixie – Around my blog, yes! 🙂 It was just an 80s staple of my childhood.

    Courtney – That was a really cute film. Actually, Brad Bird, the director or things like “The Incredibles” and “Iron Giant” wrote the screenplay for “Batteries Not Included,” a fact that I learned recently.

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