Home again home again lickety split

We’re done with our whirlwind tour of the midwest and I need a rest from my “vacation!” Ha! Back to work today for me so no rest for the wicked. It was an up and down trip – I may recap tonight. But I just HAD to share a new favorite website to entertain everyone. It’s called List of the Day and it has some funny, funny stuff. Some of my faves:

Glamour Shots – Jeanette, Cynthia, and Taylor Marie are my current faves

Olan Mills Photos – I have to just post my fave as it’s so… unexplainable

I can't possibly explain this photo

Cats That Look Like Hitler

Nativity Scenes Gone Horribly Awry – Wow. Just wow. Double wow to the Madame Tussaud celebrity nativity. Exerpt below:

The Beckhams as holy parents

Yep, the Beckhams as Mary and Joseph. With Kylie Minogue floating over them. Wrong wrong wrong. Browse the site, there’s many more funny things to enjoy. Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Home again home again lickety split”

  1. I can’t see your favorite. It’s not working. But thanks for the laugh! I actually had my picture taken with my sister at Olan Mills years ago. It looks great, if I do say so myself! But then again, those people probably thought their picture looked great too!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Ouch! Olan Mills. I remember doing that kind of thing when I was a kid. I hope those pictures never show up in the light of day again! :- )

    Re: the Glamor Shots: Edwina is sassy!

  3. Kathy – Hee. Hammer pants!

    Grand Royal – We had numerous family portraits done at Olan Mills when I was smaller. They weren’t too gawdawful. I don’t think…

    KC – Edwina sure is! 🙂

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