and then there were eight

Kathy P at Available Light tagged me for a meme so here goes…

1. I know it scares some people, but I don’t mind going to the dentist. Not that I have in years.

2. Even though I wore braces for years. Rubber bands, retainers, I’ve done it. Except headgear.

3. I have had a total of 12 teeth pulled: 4 baby teeth (to force growth for braces), 4 permanent teeth (because I just didn’t have enough room in my mouth), and 4 wisdom teeth (that I had to have surgically removed from the jawbone).

4. The first EIGHT teeth were removed all at once in one day. That was unpleasant.

5. I have a permanent retainer glued to the inside of my bottom teeth.

6. Eyeballs FREAK ME OUT.

7. I can’t even do eyedrops at the doctor’s – it took me a good 30 minutes to get drops in for dilation last year. And they practically had to put me in restraints last year to use the eyeball light thingie that sticks out into your eyeball. I was practically climbing the walls. I don’t mean to but it’s such an inherent reaction to protect my eyes.

8. When I’m sick, Ginger Ale is my beverage of choice. It makes everything better.

I’m about to roll into 6 solid days of retail hell so I tried to do 2 posts this weekend to make up for the fact that posting may be light this week. Double credit to me for having one post be a new Bruce Campbell trailer.

Stay warm all you snowed in mid-westerners!

3 thoughts on “and then there were eight”

  1. I’ve just had the wisdom’s pulled. And let me say…YAY!!!! I can’t wait to see My Name is Bruce. 🙂

    Snow sucks.

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