Oooh… movie news

Couple of movie things I’ve run into the past few days…

1. The Wachowski Brothers (the guys who did the Matrix films) are working on a live action version of Speed Racer. Which I fully expected to suck. But the new trailer doesn’t look half bad. Check it:

You can see a higher res version at the official film website.

2. According to Boing Boing, Tim Burton is set to direct a film version of Alice in Wonderland. I think that could be wicked awesome. That story is pretty twisted.

3. There are a ton of December films I want to see. Anyone know how to stop time so I can catch them all?

4. Saw a trailer for a film I’d not heard about. Martin Scorsese directing a documentary of a Rolling Stones show. It’s called Shine a Light and it looks kinda cool.

That’s all for now!


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