Eventful weekend

Being that I work retail, and it’s December, this weekend was short as I had to work Saturday. But I got a lot done in my few hours off.

On Saturday night after work we trucked up to Oakland to see the lovely Ms. Tori Amos in concert at the Paramount, which is a lovely venue. I wish I could have taken some photos because it was a really unique and pretty building.

The people behind us thought they were some kind of wannabe musical Siskel and Ebert and were lucky that they survived the evening. It’s one thing to make quiet comments to one another throughout a show, but these folks were LOUDLY critiquing the performances. Some dude named Yoav opened and he was pretty cool.

We were both pretty tired but I have to say, Ms. Amos was fierce. I’ve seen her several times live but I think she’s made a nice turn from the “girl with the piano” to rocker chick. She played a couple of things that I’ve always wanted to hear live. The other interesting aspect of the show was that she is filming all the Oakland shows to make a tour DVD from. So it was interesting in that some things were obviously staged for the film. All in all it was an enjoyable evening.

Tori Amos American Doll Posse

Sunday was lazier – bought socks at Target, did some online Christmas shopping, and accepted an offer for our house. Yes, that’s right, for Christmas we are going to get the gift of a sold house. Hooray!

Our house

How was your weekend?


8 thoughts on “Eventful weekend”

  1. Thanks guys! It’s not totally a done deal (technically they could still decide to walk away) but we’re set to close a few days after Christmas barring any inspection surprises (which we shouldn’t have).

    And yes, Erik, get the meth lab and illegals out of the basement, m’kay?

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