Another Black Friday survived

This year it was just my husband and I for Thanksgiving, which was actually kind of nice. Since I work in retail I’m always just worm out Thanksgiving week so it was nice to have a lazy, no pressure, day at home. Husband made an EXCELLENT turkey dinner. We gorged like pigs and were generally just lazy slugs. At one point I suggested going to sleep but then realized it was only 5 pm. Ha!

Then there was Friday. Black Friday. Which was busy, but no trampling or fist fights. We did great business but it was pretty controllable this year. I even left work on time! I heard on the news last night that nationwide, spending was down, and I’d believe it. I was working at a mall store and the mall parking lot was pretty manageable, even at noon or so. Business definitely picked up in the afternoon though, once people left the big box retailers and their doorbusters and moved to the malls.

Anyway, I managed to get this weekend off (woot!) so we’re going to do a little shopping and generally be lazy some more. Yay for lazy!

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

Here’s a look at our Thanksgiving centerpiece:

Thanksgiving mums


3 thoughts on “Another Black Friday survived”

  1. I think a lot of people opted out of “Black Friday.” I tried to get some shopping done at Best Buy today instead, but it was pretty packed. Not terrible, but crowded enough.

  2. Kathy – And yet today I see spending was up. Huh. But really, no place that I went or drove by was insanely packed. It was all very busy but manageable.

    KC – Uhm, pity I think. 🙂 And honestly, my home store has 5 people like me, plus 2 minions so we’re staggering weekend coverage. It wasn’t my weekend. There will be plenty of weekends ahead of me the next few weeks I’m sure.

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