Wish list

I ran across this really nifty article about “must have” toys from the 1950s on. I think it’s pretty cool that most of the toys from the 50s are still around today.

Also, I have one thing to add – I had a Betsy Wetsy doll and it CREEPED ME OUT. First of all, it’s face was creepy. And it had those open/close eyes. Nobody told me what it did, so I had it on my lap, fed it, and then it PEED ON ME. Who wants a baby doll that pees on you? Look at this chick:

Betsy Wetsy

Mine was actually much uglier than that.

You all have any of the toys on the list? Thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Wish list”

  1. I have all the “girl” toys from the 70s and 80s. Not on the list, but I also had an “alien in the can,” and that doll that not only drank, but ate. Very disgusting. I fed her actual food — I did the same with my Howdy Doody. I think the head rotted off.

  2. I admit that I had most of the toys on the list up until the 90s. I didn’t have a Betsy Wetsy (I don’t think), but I did have something similar. Now why didn’t they have Legos on that list? Everyone had legos.

  3. Kathy – An alien in a can?! That sounds cool. And a doll that eats? That sounds really gross. The thing about those dolls – kids aren’t going to clean them.

    Endub – TMNT!!

    Maggie – Good call on the Legos!

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