Wish list

I ran across this really nifty article about “must have” toys from the 1950s on. I think it’s pretty cool that most of the toys from the 50s are still around today.

Also, I have one thing to add – I had a Betsy Wetsy doll and it CREEPED ME OUT. First of all, it’s face was creepy. And it had those open/close eyes. Nobody told me what it did, so I had it on my lap, fed it, and then it PEED ON ME. Who wants a baby doll that pees on you? Look at this chick:

Betsy Wetsy

Mine was actually much uglier than that.

You all have any of the toys on the list? Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Wish list”

  1. I have all the “girl” toys from the 70s and 80s. Not on the list, but I also had an “alien in the can,” and that doll that not only drank, but ate. Very disgusting. I fed her actual food — I did the same with my Howdy Doody. I think the head rotted off.

  2. I admit that I had most of the toys on the list up until the 90s. I didn’t have a Betsy Wetsy (I don’t think), but I did have something similar. Now why didn’t they have Legos on that list? Everyone had legos.

  3. I had everything on the list except the Chatty Cathy, the EZ Bake Oven (does that really surprise anyone?), and everything from the 90s on. Big Wheels were THE BOMB.

  4. Kathy – An alien in a can?! That sounds cool. And a doll that eats? That sounds really gross. The thing about those dolls – kids aren’t going to clean them.

    Endub – TMNT!!

    Maggie – Good call on the Legos!

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