We had our first earthquake last night and it was CRAZY! I’ve felt tremors in St. Louis before but not like that! It was like we were under attack by a giant! No damage here and we’re both just fine. Here’s some local coverage of the event.

quake map

We live by San Jose on the map.

Happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “Earthquake!”

  1. I saw a bit of the coverage on CNN this morning. Thankfully, there was no serious damage. In all the years I’ve lived in St. Louis, I’ve only felt tremors once, and I’d rather not again.

  2. KC – There was an after shock this afternoon at around 4pm that was a 3.5. I didn’t feel it but my husband did.

    Kathy – It was unsettling. At least you can see a tornado coming, you know?

    Craig – I know, right?

  3. Ah. The first one after you move out there is always freaky, no matter how small it is. (Sorry, anything under a 6 is small, baby.) For my first, I was in Moorpark (north of Malibu) and the epicenter was in Shake-and-Bake (out by the Joshua Tree national park.) Oh, and the first Rodney King riots were going off down in the Basin… Happy days.

    But you will learn to judge how far away it is by the motion it makes when it hits you, and to cross-correlate that with how big the waves are when it hits you to make a good guess as to both distance and magnitude. (Hint: if it feels like you’re in a boat on the water, it’s far away; if it feels like a car hit the building you’re standing in, it’s close.) And you will learn when to stand / sit and chuckle, and when to dive for under the table, with the rest of the Californians.

    By the time we left, it took a 4.5 to wake me up at night and I never felt anything less than a 4.0 while I was awake. But let me tell you, being in Santa Monica when the 6.8 Northridge quake went off… THAT was scary. I thought somebody had slammed a semi into the apartment building.

    I’m glad I don’t live there any more.

  4. Camera – The one thing we took away was – what do we need to secure/fix around the apartment. We’d built the bookshelves with an eye toward bracing them but now I’m looking for other stuff to secure.

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