Weird day

This morning my mom called to tell me about the series of break ins in her neighborhood. Her next door neighbor was robbed a couple of days ago – thru the front (exposed) bedroom window, in the middle of the day. Our friend 2 doors down got robbed last night. Several other houses have been hit. I’m actually glad she has our dog, Julia, now because Jules is actually an awesome watch dog. Seriously. Here’s Julia guarding the stairs, while pointedly ignoring the person with the camera.


Terrifying, isn’t she? She actually really is a good watch dog. I’m hoping she’ll keep an eye on things for my mom this week. They do have a lead on a suspect though, so that’s good.

Then tonight we went for a walk down to Santana Row and walked into the middle of a crime scene. There was a major car accident – a white SUV of some sort had its right side caved in. And in several yards in front of it was some kind of car, flipped on its side. Lying across the whole street. Lots of lights and sirens blazing, whole east bound side of the road was shut down. It was impressively scary.

I wonder what tomorrow brings?

EDIT: I forgot the best part. As we were walking we kept seeing police cars drive up to the accident. Then there was the noise of car tires burning rubber. My husband started laughing. I looked back and there’s a cop car trying to jump a gravel median – and it got STUCK. It was really very funny.


3 thoughts on “Weird day”

  1. OK, the cop car thing is damn funny!

    And I’m glad you mom has Julia too. She is probably watching that house like a hawk!

  2. Maggie – The cop car thing was HILARIOUS. Just got stuck. Julia is on the case!

    KC – And yet, they don’t! Ha! My mom is in STL – near Olive and 270. A generall quiet neighborhood.

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