Good news!

Remember a few weeks ago that I mentioned a friend who was having a kidney transplant? Well I got a message from him today and both he and his donor are doing great! The donor is up and back at work already and my friend, Patrick, is at home recovering well. His blood tests are all coming back impressively healthy! Way to go modern medicine!!

6 thoughts on “Good news!”

  1. Yay for your your friend. It’s always nice to be able to have a normal life again after something like that.

    Side note. I saw you are reading Bloodsucking Fiends. I just found Christopher Moore about 3 months ago. I love him. I think you will appreciate the humor. I have the sequal, You Suck, and it seems to be just as fun. I recommend Lamb. So far it’s my favorite of the 3 I’ve read.

  2. Maggie – Yeah I finished Fiends. I agree, Lamb is his best. I’ve heard mixed things about You Suck – have you read it yet?

    Phoenix – I’m so thrilled it went well for them!

  3. I am listening to the audio book right now. It’s not bad. My gut is that Fiends was better. Though, I’m still amused by some of the dialogue.

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