Elizabeth Regina

This morning my dear husband took me to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

The story is pretty interesting, though there are many historical inaccuracies. Time is compressed, relationships are changed, and so on. However, Cate Blanchett is just gorgeous in the title role. That woman’s a freaking brilliant actress. I’m pretty sure I could watch her read the phone book and she’d imbue it with something special. And her face is so very wonderfully expressive – the director makes great use of her face in quiet that is really quite lovely. Clive Owen is wickedly handsome. Geoffrey Rush is excellent, as always. Samantha Morton does interesting things with Mary Stuart – I don’t know that I’ve ever seen her in anything before but she’s got chops. The costumes and scenery and music are gorgeous.

All in all, I enjoyed the film and took it for what it was – a Hollywood look at a woman, not a historical record of events. I’d watch it again for the fabulousness that is Cate.

Two things of note related to the subject:

1. I Wikipedia-ed Sir Walter Raleigh to get a quick overview because I knew that there were some factual errors and ran into this little tidbit:

After Raleigh’s execution, his head was embalmed and presented to his wife. She carried it with her in a velvet bag until she died twenty-nine years later and it was returned to Raleigh’s tomb at St Margaret’s.

I mean, I like my husband a whole lot, and would be sad if he died. But carrying his head around in a bag for 29 years? That’s messed up.

2. Scarlett Johansson is slated to star in a film tracing the life of Mary Stuart (AKA Mary Queen of Scots). That might be interesting though I’m not sure how I feel with Scarlett in the lead. I guess The Other Boleyn Girl will tell us if she can do period work. I just don’t know that I see her as an imperious queen type.

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth Regina”

  1. I remember running across this trailer a few weeks ago and remember that we went to see the first Elizabeth (I think Maggie might have been there too) and then I thought, “Wow, really? She just did the teen Elizabeth and now she’s already going to play the full-fledged Queen?” Then I realized that movie was almost a decade ago.

    On Scarlett Johansson, did you see her in The Girl with the Pearl Earring? I think that movie answers the period movie question, though perhaps a bit more age would be good to play a Queen. She seems to be more around when Cate did the first Elizabeth. Perhaps in 10 years?

  2. VK1 – No, I did NOT see Girl With the Pearl earring. Is it good? Is she good in it? I just think Scarlett’s good at playing confused/sexy 20 something contemporary girls and I have a hard time seeing her play an imperious queen type. I dunno. And yeah, it’s been awhile for Cate. Historically, she should be in her mid-50s at the end of the film…

  3. As VK1 said, it’s worth seeing The Girl with the Pearl Earring. I think you’ll find that Scarlett can do the quiet, low-key, period thing very well. She’s not all sex.

    I can’t wait to see this new Elizabeth. I’m sure I’ll cringe at the inaccuracies, but so what? I’ll get over it just to see the costumes and the beautiful Cate.

  4. I do remember seeing Elizabeth back in college. And being so pissed for her when she lost the oscar. She just takes over whatever role she does…and makes it her own. She has the subtlety a lot of actors lack.

  5. Ayah, SJ’s quite good in Pearl Earring, but the whole movie is brilliant. And I was watching the movie when I started my blog, which is why it has its name.

    Y’know, Mary always struck me as somebody who never really was an imperious queen type. She was raised at the French court; got back to her home country to be completely out of her depth; married poorly; made bad decisions and ended up as her cousin’s prisoner where she made some more bad decisions and ended up w/o her head. Sure, she’s been portrayed as regal, but I think she was ill-prepared or unlike her cousin, unable to cope w/ what it took to survive as royalty, especially female royalty w/ one’s claim to the throne challenged.

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