Words don’t describe

the awfulness of this performance:

Be sure you get to the middle & end where she dances and acts things out. Am I a geek for knowing that song? (Meco, Disco Star Wars)

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5 thoughts on “Words don’t describe”

  1. Yeah, I can’t continue watching that. It was so wrong in too many ways. I think the fact that she couldn’t even play in tune, much less with the music, disturbed me.

  2. Perhaps it’s a blessing that we don’t have audio on our computers here at the office. I did watch the vid without sound and all I can say is that she moves weirdly and sparkles a lot.

  3. Maggie – I know! It’s like she never touched the trumpet before.

    endub – *LOL* I skipped to the middle an then watched to the end.

    Phoenix – I know! Imagine being in the audience with that going on!

    KC – No audio might actually help. I do like that she uses the trumpet as a gun toward the end.

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