My 3 year anniversary at work is coming up soon, which reminded me that I got the phone call to come interview while we were on vacation in New Orleans. I’d been to New Orleans once before to visit a friend at Tulane. Anyway, this was just before Katrina so it was New Orleans in all its splendor. While I was cleaning my photos I ran across a ton of shots from New Orleans. So I’ll upload more to flickr this week. I’d like to go back sometime to see how it’s recovering – we had a blast and it’s a lovely city with some pretty resilient folk.

beads in the trees


3 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. I’m on my way to your Flikr account to check out the NOLA photos. You know how I feel about New Orleans…. I love it and look forward to visiting there as many times as I can while The Boy is going to school.

  2. KC – I’m so jealous you have an excuse to visit regularly!

    Craig – Good question. We took a train all over and there’s a train that runs London to the town outside of Stonehenge. And then once you’re at the town you have to take a bus out there. We went with a tour group – it was pretty cheap – and I don’t recall if there’s any other way to get out there. Stonehenge is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t let us touch the stones – they keep tourists back a bit now (except for solstices and stuff) but it’s still impressive.

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