Cleaning my iHouse

So I took a little sick time Friday because this cold is kicking my ass and I used it to clean my virtual house up a bit. And sleep. A lot.

I’m slowly but surely cleaning up my iPhoto library, which is a mess. A big mess.

While I weed out junk I’m uploading shots to my flickr account. Lots of old theater shots and zoo trips and random other stuff. Here’s a little teaser for you:

King on his throne

King Henry V


And last but not least, revamped the blog a little. Not tons but cleaned up some links, put up a pretty picture, blah blah. I’m too damn lazy to do CSS to really make it nice.

Any of you Chicagoans plan to marathon it last weekend?

5 thoughts on “Cleaning my iHouse”

  1. I didn’t run this year, I cheered instead. Clapping for two solid hours makes your arms tired! =)

    Random question: I’m upgrading a G4 iMac (I got my mom an iLamp!) and a G4 iBook. Do I want iLife 06 or 08? Only plan on using iPhoto.

  2. Kathy – Thanks! My old layout eons ago on another server was a 3 column and I’ve missed it but was too lazy to custom design one. They just last week released a nice one on WordPress so yay for me!

    Craig – I heard about the heat strokes and whatnot. Yikes! I LOVE the iLamps – have one myself. The system requirements for the full version of iLife are at iPhoto 08 has some nice new features (you can tag photos, some of the cleanup tools are a little better, and they added this Event management feature which is kind of nice. iLife 06 is just fine if you can find it, a little less whizzbang and a little easier on the processor. You do need a DVD drive for install of either, just FYI.

  3. I love all these old theatre pix you’re putting up. Brings back great memories!

    Love this new layout. Much easier to read, I think.

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