Something creepy this way comes

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day when her home line rang (we were using free minutes on our cellular plan). She let the machine get it since we hadn’t talked in a few days. We paused to listen because the message was odd. I made her replay it and there was an anonymous man talking about my brother. Said he was driving erratically and “starting trouble” in a public place (the place where he happens to work). What was especially creepy was that he told my mom to “get my brother in hand or someone else would.” Which came off as a kind of threat the way he said it.Needless to say, it freaked us both out. So… I called my brother on his cell and asked him what he was up to. He was at work. I asked if he’d had any traffic incidents (he has been popped for speeding a couple times) and he said no, why are you asking? So I told him about the message. He was kind of creeped out too. We sent him to make sure his car wasn’t stolen and it looked fine. My mom doesn’t have caller ID, though I told her to go get a cheap-o phone with the ID built into the handset. Hopefully we won’t hear a call like that again, but it was all kinds of weird – why was anonymous man following my brother around town? Why did anonymous man not leave him name? Why was the anonymous man so creepy? And how many arms does he have?In other news, I have the cold from hell and our audit went ok. I’ve uploaded some Magic Smoking Monkey photos to my flickr account (and I totally forgot to mention that 2 weeks ago when I did it).Attack of Abe LincolnI’ve been testing some new software – this post was written with the MarsEdit demo. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’ve also been playing with Aperture and MacFamilyTree 5 (public beta). I have some family tree-ing that I want to do and I’d like to have software where I can import scans of photos and other mementos and do a website for.I have the WHOLE WEEKEND OFF so hopefully we can do something fun. The weather’s crisp and gorgeous so maybe something outside where I can play with my camera.Oh, one last thing, this crab freaked me out. If I see one in California, I’m leaving.

4 thoughts on “Something creepy this way comes”

  1. Ohmygod! I loathe that crab. That’s gonna give me nightmares!

    I have a great pic from that same play…. Abe Lincoln is crouched over The Turtle. It’s very funny and menacing, but the Turtle asked me not to put it on the internet. heehee!

    Enjoy your weekend. Can I make just one suggestion about your blogsite? Whenever I want to leave a comment, I cannot see where my cursor is to start typing. Maybe it’s the comment color background?

  2. That crab is hideous. I’m never going to wherever it is from. It DOES look like a rubber prop from a B movie.

    I have that Turtle photo too – it’s just SO WRONG.

    Weird about the comments – on my Mac it’s a white box to enter text – what color is it for you? I’m not crazy about this theme but I’m too damn lazy to modify it right now. I am thinking about going pink for October though.

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