Random weekend links

Really quickly, Digg had a couple of articles that caught my eye…

First – a list of the 9 ugliest buildings in the world.

Ugly pyramid

I like that this one is unfinished – see the crane on top?

Second – 23 album covers that changed everything. The one that lept to my mind was, of course, Sgt. Pepper.

Third – this is just cool. Some guy made a portrait of the Godfather with a handwritten script. Huh? Here’s what it looks like:

ASCII Godfather

Click the above link for more details, it’s kinda cool.

Speaking of the Godfather, if you’re a fan of the Corleone’s and Shakespeare, and are in St. Louis, you might want to check out Corleone: The Shakespearean Godfather by the Non Prophet Theatre group. It’s got a heck of a cast and I wish I could catch it!


NOW READING: The Perfect Royal Mistress by Diane Haeger

7 thoughts on “Random weekend links”

  1. That really is an ugly building! Looks like something in the background of a Star Wars movie.

    I hope to see “Corleone”. Sounds very interesting, and it has a great cast!

    I’ve read “The Perfect Royal Mistress”. I really enjoyed it. Nell is my favorite of the many mistresses of Charles II. Although, for sheer temperamental spectacle, you can’t beat Barbara Villiers.

  2. That building DOES look Star Wars-y! Good call! And unfinished since the 1990s. How hideous.

    Lemme know about Corleone! I think it’s cool they’re doing full length shows now.

    I know little about the time period other than sketchy outlines so I’m looking forward to it. Know any good books about Barbara? She was the next person I wanted to read up on, actually!

  3. Kim, if you haven’t yet read “Forever Amber” by Kathleen Winsor, you absolutely must read it! It has been re-published with a beautiful cover in trade paperback. Barbara is a major character and you’ll learn lots about her while having fun reading about her (fictional) rival Amber. Also, rent the DVD “Charles II: The Last King” with Rufus Sewell as Charles and Helen McRory as Barbara. In the Robert Downey, Jr movie “Restoration”, Barbara is referred to often, but never seen.

  4. Re: 23 album covers that changed everything
    I’m kind of surprised one of my favorite album covers didn’t make the list: Rain Dogs by Tom Waits. Or the Replacements’ Let It Be with the band sitting on the roof. Seems like such an iconic image. (To me anyway.)

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