Good TV

I’m in a TV state of mind today…

I ran across a Time article detailing their 100 best TV shows ever. It’s a good list and reminded me that a bunch of college friends tell me I should rent Sports Night – anyone here a fan of that?

Speaking of TV, we’ve been catching up on some shows – specifically season 1 of 30 Rock, which is really, really funny. Tina Fey is brilliant and it pains me to say this but Alec Baldwin is really, very good on the show. We’re also watching Eureka, which is quirky, funny and entertaining. And I finally got caught up on Heroes, which was really very good.

I’m about to be really bummed out though – new TV premieres next week (THE OFFICE – 1 HOUR!) and we won’t get any. We can’t get the signal over the air (hello, Silicon Valley??) and we don’t have cable. We used to get a lot of our TV from iTunes but the whole NBC falling out with iTunes thing has killed that. Oh well, I guess we’ll have more time and money now, thanks to NBC.

Ok, I’ve got a cold and a three day weekend, I’m off to be really lazy and rest up for next week will be brutal. Happy Friday!!


6 thoughts on “Good TV”

  1. Yeah I saw that but it doesn’t work on a Mac. Neither does the Amazon Unbox store which NBC chose to go to. (Yes, I’m a little bit bitter…) It’s funny, we PAID for free TV. Now it’s like they want me to learn how to torrent. Silly. Ah well, it’s just TV.

  2. I don’t watch The Office. I know, I know! Go ahead and throw things at me. I tried to watch it, but it was just too painful. (I don’t like the original one either.) Email me, tho. Let’s talk about The Office.

  3. Craig – Yeah, I’ve used that site before. Doesn’t look so good in my living room. Was a nice way to see some Tudors episodes though!! The good news is that Drew did voodoo magic and got an HD over the air signal! YAY!!

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