I’m in the middle of cleaning up, well, my life. Trying to purge more stuff that I just don’t need. So I’ve been scanning stuff and uploading photos to my flickr account for archival purposes. I just uploaded a slew of photos from past St. Louis Shakespeare shows that some of y’all might enjoy (including one of the always popular Todd Gillenardo) – here’s a sample:

Amadeus - Engenue

School for Wives

Red door - Metamorphosis


More at my flickr stream and I’ll be uploading more over the next week or few.


4 thoughts on “Theatrics”

  1. How nice it is to see these photos! They bring back so many great memories. Thanks for sharing them. I edited my last blog entry to put in a link to your Flickr theatre pix. I also added a link in my permanent link column at the blog. Hope you don’t mind!

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