I gotta get me some of these

Two posts in a row, odd. But these sexy LEGO shoes caught my eye:

LEGO shoes

From the article:

Models on the catwalk look bizarre as they wear thick grey tights and jodhpurs to model the Sportiletto. The shoes are designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere for fashion house Balenciaga. Unbelievably, there are already orders waiting at top London stores.

Ha! I did the math and these shoes are roughly $1,419.55 American dollars. And what’s with the heel? People really WANT these? Ew. Ew ew ew.

6 thoughts on “I gotta get me some of these”

  1. PolymorphicGirl – Welcome! Those heels are ridiculous – but I especially love the grey sock WITH the shoe. I hadn’t seen the Nikes – those are pretty sweet!

    KC – Ha! But for so much more money and less comfy!

  2. I’ve been considering buying these Balenciaga LEGO shoes. It’s hard though to pair them with the right outfit, don’t you agree?

    Laurela Fashion Blog

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