Saturday party

I had to work a full shift on Saturday to keep the product flowing. It was a long, hard day. And I had to book out on time to get my butt in gear because we had tickets to a show in San Francisco. So I ran home, showered (I am generally filthy after work), and we hauled our tired butts up to San Francisco. You see, I had a rare opportunity to catch UK band Underworld. Back in the 90s when the whole electronic/techno music thing was coming on the scene, I wasn’t all that in to it. I was the folk rock chick. But a lot of my guy friends were. Including the guy friend that I married. Underworld was the first band that I heard that actually sounded like music. They do some cool cool stuff. Anyway, they’re only playing a few gigs in the US to promote a new album coming out soon. So we headed north to The Warfield. Literally right next door to the Warfield is the Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club with all nude dancers. Seriously. We walked down the block to look for a place to grab dinner and there was another huge strip club, and a massive Adult store. We decided to go elsewhere for food.

We’d been a little apprehensive about the night because Underworld was playing with Paul Oakenfold. We’ve seen Oakenfold a few times – he was an awesome opener for Moby (which, by the way, was an odd concert in Sauget, outside, in the parking lot of Pop’s – right in the Diamond Cabaret lot.) The last time we saw Oakenfold, though, was at the Aragon in Chicago. Doors opened at 7, show started at 8, he didn’t take the stage till 1:30am. And we was just ok. We were PISSED. And it was so stupid hot in the place that people left really early. We were worried that it would be another really late night. We entered the Warfield at around 8:45 (doors opened at 8:30). Got our bearings and staked out a place to stand (there was no seating since it’s essentially a dance party). The music playing was kind of mediocre and I was thinking “Ah man, some lame warm up DJ.” The crowd was really not into it. About 30 minutes in I recognized a song and realized it was Oakenfold. Oops. So he played till 10pm, there was about a 20 minute set up, and the Underworld took the stage.

And they melted my face off with their awesomeness. Where most electronic type bands are all DJ and computers and mixing, they have a lead singer who also played some guitar, I think maybe some keyboards too. The lead singer, I don’t know his name, but he wore a shiny shirt so I shall call him Mr. Shiny Shirt was adorable and bouncy and fun. They started the show with “mmm…. skyscraper” and ended with “King of Snake” and did “Cowgirl” and “Born Slippy” in the middle and were just amazing. And they had cool fabric tubes of light at one point. I snapped a few pictures with my iPhone – here’s one:

Underworld Live

Here’s a little Cowgirl for ya:

Ok, I’m off to enjoy my one day off before I have to go back to work a long week. I’m not off again till Friday. Seems like a lot of hours for a part time girl, no? *sigh* Happy Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Saturday party”


    AND of course, they’re hitting the west and east and not the middle.

    I can only imagine Underworld is awesome live. And I died laughing when you found out that the lame-ass warm-up DJ was Oakie. Cuz in BT circles he’s not well-liked because rumor has it he’s a coked-out faker.

    Anyway. I guess I just need to dust off my second toughest and dream.

  2. I’ve never heard of this band before. Sounds like you enjoyed their performance. I’m glad you got a chance to see them live!

    Sorry you’re working so much as a “part-time” girl. Would there be any benefit to you to go full-time?

  3. VK1 – They’re only doing like 5 shows total in the US. Weird schedule. I figured you’d like the Oakie story – I told Drew I wasn’t sure if he needed more or less coke to do a good show. He kicked ass as Moby’s opener though. And I do like some of his albums quite a lot. Ah well.

    Phoenix – Yeah. Moby commented on the weirdness. He said it was surreal facing a huge smoke stack with a blazing fire while behind him were strip clubs. It was funny. Great show though.

    KC – I’m thrilled I got to catch them! Yes, huge benefit. Like several dollars an hour, vacation and sick time, and massive California overtime if I were in the right state. Not that I’m bitter. *sigh*

    Craig – 🙂

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