2 upcoming Natalie Portman films

I didn’t know that they were actually filming  The Other Boleyn Girl! With Natalie Portman as Anne and Scarlett Johansson as Mary!! And Eric Bana as Henry VIII! And Kristin Scott Thomas as Lady Elizabeth! I am very exclamatory about this!! Look at the pretty photos!

Boleyn girl art

And IMdB has 2 nice stills too. [Via Cinematical and ]

The other Portman project is something I’d heard a rumor of, but thought it would be killed. And it wasn’t, and now has Jet Li and Natalie Portman attached to it. It’s a remake of Snow White and The 7 Dwarves. With Shaolin monks. Seriously.

Ok, off to dinner with me!

4 thoughts on “2 upcoming Natalie Portman films”

  1. I can’t wait to see “The Other Boleyn Girl”. There was another version made for BBC, I think, but it isn’t available in the States. I’ve not heard about the Snow White flick. Interesting!

  2. KC – Yeah I’ve heard mixed things about the BBC mini series or whatever it was.

    Kristen – Indeed. It’s based on a book which I really enjoy. It’s weird, I was planning to re-read it next.

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