I *own* that?

1. Various shades of blue, pink, green and purple lighting gels. By the way, I’ve always wanted to try the “wash a gel” trick but I’ve never seen old gels to do it.

2. A box of shrinky dinks?!?!! New project! I’m terribly excited about this. I’m thinking keychains!

3. Multiple copies of plays (Why do I have 4 copies of the same book of As You Like It? I know I’ve done that show twice but still!)

4. Death threat from Lt. Jim of the KISS Army. It’s really better if you don’t ask…

5. A bridal book. As in, a binder in which I built sections to plan out my wedding. (Seriously? I thought I was going to do the whole 9 yards at some point?)

6. A TON of greeting cards. Seriously, I have a lot of cards. I need to start collecting addresses now so I can send some cards out. Send me your address, will ya? (Especially you, KC, as I found some DVDs I meant to give you.)

7. College text books. I didn’t look at them in college, why did I think I’d want to look at them AFTER college?

8. Grad school packets. I was so cute when I was young. Thinking I’d have a career ‘n’ stuff.

9. A high school phone directory. Yikes!

10. My final college transcript! I had slightly higher grades than I remembered.

And I’m still unboxing, people!

Those of you that have moved recently, find any “oh my God I still HAVe that” items?

4 thoughts on “I *own* that?”

  1. Oooo… girl, if you would have done that “clean gel” thing to me back during Star Wars, I would probably have freaked out so badly I would never have come back to the theatre. heehee.

    Shrinky dinks are the bomb! The Bomb, I tell you! You must get some. I made a bunch of really cool shrinky dink keychains of old movie posters like “Kitten on Wheels”, “Faster Pussycat…”, etc. I gave them to the girls at my local Starbucks. They loved them!

    That Jim O. Such a Kiss fanatic. ‘Nuff said.

    I’ll email you my address. Dvd’s for me? Cool!

  2. *LOL* I’m pretty sure we don’t have any old enough to dissolve.

    I am STOKED about ShrinkyDink time! What a good idea! And I was totally thinking keychain – it worked out ok? Did you use a hole punch for the keychain hole?

  3. Those of you that have moved recently, find any “oh my God I still HAVe that” items?

    I moved three years ago, and I still have boxes of stuff I’ve schlepped over from the old place.

    I think the weirdest thing I own may be a photograph of Mickey Dolenz as a child actor.

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