Movie news

1. They’re making a sequel to Cate Blanchett’s Oscar winning film, Elizabeth. Called The Golden Age, it will focus on Elizabeth’s relationship with Sir Walter Raleigh, being played by Clive Owen. Who is hot. So that’s a promising looking film. 😉

2. I’m intrigued about the new film version of Beowulf that is coming in November. It’s done as motion capture which means it’s largely CGI. But it’s kinda cool looking. And they’re going to release it as 3-D. And the script was co-written by Neil Gaiman, who I like. They showed a preview at Comic-Con last week and it went over really well. Check out the trailer, it’s kind of fascinating.

3. They’re remaking Footloose. Seriously. With Zac Efron (the kid from High School Musical) as the Kevin Bacon character. Seriously.

Ok, I’m really going to do housework now. Ciao!

5 thoughts on “Movie news”

  1. I saw the trailer for Elizabeth. It looks really good, but I do remember thinking that her wigs were a bit odd looking. Not the way I think of Eliza Rex from paintings and such. Oh, and I’m sure that the real queen WISHES she was as pretty as Cate.

    I want to see Beowulf also. Could be interesting…. or totally hideous. We’ll see.

    I didn’t like Footloose, so I doubt I’ll watch a remake of it.

  2. Ugh. Zac Efron? Footloose? That will be one that I definately skip.

    I usually hate period films but I loved Elizabeth. It was so much better than Shakespeare in Love. Can’t wait!

  3. If Cate Blanchett doesn’t win an oscar for this incarnation of Elizabeth, I will be so mad. She deserved the oscar way more than Gwenyth Paltrow did.

    I heard about Footloose. I enjoyed the first one, but to make it into a musical? That’s just wrong. Side note, Hairspray was fun. I’m not anti-musical (obviously). I’m just anti Footloose, the Musical.

  4. KC – Cate is awesome. I’m very excited. And I agree about Beowulf. We’ll see.

    Grand Royal – Footloose is cheesy 80s, and needs to stay that way! My husband also loves Elizabeth, and he’s more of a Die Hard guy.

    Maggie – Yeah, I agree on both counts.

    Rebecca – *LAUGH* Nice.

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