I suck!

No updates for days! Mea culpa! Here’s a rundown of the past week….

My new toy arrived and it’s pretty sweet! Here is an image of it:


It’s so very shiny and touchable – I love it! Though it makes me nervous to carry it around as I’m a notorious cell phone losing girl.

I finally got a Harry Potter book and finished that off. I’ve read a couple more things this week – you can always check my LibraryThing list to see what I’m reading. I did learn that despite the fact that I got rid of more than 250 books, we still have TOO MANY. Argh.

I worked 3 days this week, longer than usual hours. My new store is about 1.5 miles from home and is under construction for a remodel. When it re-opens it will be a gajillion times bigger (and busier) than my old store. So no more me complaining that I’m bored at work! I’m part-time right now because I wanted the time off to get settled and do stuff like register my car and get insurance settled and whatnot. I think they’re going to start pushing me to go full-time here pretty soon there. I rather like my 3 day a week schedule though! 🙂

This weekend we saw The Simpsons Movie. It was pretty dang funny. Shopped some more at IKEA. Did some more unpacking. Learned that something is missing, so that’s not cool. And it may cause us problems down the road but we’ll have to see what the movers can do this week.

Next weekend is the big Missouri Tax Free weekend. And I don’t have to be there – ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe I’ll go to the beach next weekend instead. Oh, some of the ones are clothing optional, too. Because people need to see my fat glowing white ass nekkid.

Santa Cruz beach

Ok, off to unpack!


6 thoughts on “I suck!”

  1. I’m waiting on perhaps generation 2 or 3 before I jump on the iPhone bandwagen. I would really really like to have one, but just can’t swing it right now.

    I saw two really great plays this weekend. Be sure and stop by my blog tomorrow to read all about it. I don’t have time to write about them today.

    Oh, and by the way… Pixie has created a new blog-style for me! Soon to be revealed!

  2. grafs – The Edge isn’t too bad and I’ve seen coverage maps of 3G in the US and it’s really not all there. Most of Illinois isn’t covered, for example. It seems that it’s mostly major markets (duh) so if you’re travelling, you will have a lot of outages on 3G.

    KC – We got them for free so that helped. 🙂 I am looking forward to your reviews! I’ve got to find places around here to go see shows. Though I did learn that Avenue Q is coming to San Francisco soon – I might drive up to see the dirty puppets live! Can’t wait to see the new blog!

  3. grand royal – I called several book stores and all of them just gave store credit. I donated to Goodwill and will take a write off on my taxes. I had to get rid of them.

    Rebecca – Oh yes, we live about 20 minutes from a store now. It’s fabulous – lately I practically visit daily.

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