House on the market

So our house officially went on the market Monday. The listing is up and it has its first open house this weekend. It’s kinda weird – we thought we’d be in that house for years to come.

Our House

It’s such a pretty place, and it’s weird adjusting to apartment living again. But the weather’s good, there’s a pool and a hot tub, and less to clean (well, not right NOW but in general). Of course, at the house we had our doggie, and I do miss our doggie. Ah well, life is change, right? Speaking of pools, maybe I should check that out today?

Here’s to hoping the house sells quickly!

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9 thoughts on “House on the market”

  1. Wow, you know, it really took me a long moment to parse that. 🙂

    She’s at my mom’s now. 😦 None of the places we looked at here allowed dogs over 25 lbs. And we don’t think she’d like apartment life – she’s used to a doggie door and a yard and stuff. At my mom’s she has all that plus her little dog, Denis, so she’s enjoying it.

  2. Have you been house shopping in CA yet? I’ve heard that the prices make the mind boggle. Hope you find something you like, yet can still afford without becoming “house-poor”.

  3. KC – Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 800 square foot homes regularly go for $700,000. A friend saw a 400 sq ft condo listed at $300,000. 400 square feet!! It’s insanity. We plan to rent for awhile.

  4. Jyoseph – There’s an open house on Sunday from 1-3 pm! I really am sad about losing the place – cathedral ceilings are really, really nice. And it had a yard for my doggie.

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