I made it!

The flights were uneventful and my husband picked me up and the airport and all is right with the world! 

Couple of thoughts:

1. I was hoping to see some crop circles while we flew. No such luck. But there is a cool Google Earth website dedicated to crop circles here.

2. It’s really weird to live in an apartment again.

3. My husband did a pretty nice job of unpacking and setting up said apartment.

4. There are beautiful roses and purple flowers about the apartment – nice!

5. The weather is brilliant. 🙂

Ok, I’m going to organize the bathroom or do some shopping or something. I will upload some pictures soon!

3 thoughts on “I made it!”

  1. Glad you made it there safely. Sounds like things are going well. Can’t wait to see picks, not only of your new digs, but of the surrounding area. Have fun and make lots of new friends!

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