Blame Mr. Rogers

Did you hear the one about Mr. Rogers being the root of all evil? A professor at Louisiana State University has a new theory – that kids today are spoiled and self-centered with a sense of entitlement, and it’s all Mr. Rogers’ fault. The Wall Street Journal ran an article on it a couple of days ago – check it out.

I’m sorry, I realize that I have no kids, but it seems to me that the problem is lack of parenting, not Mr. Rogers.

Fred Rogers

How can you blame a mug like that?


5 thoughts on “Blame Mr. Rogers”

  1. As the mother of a teenager, I can tell you that I made the mistake of telling my son too many times that he was “special”. He now feels so entitled that he’s sometimes difficult to be around. I adore him, but I wish I would have been more circumspect about how much I lavished praise on his every action. He has many wonderful qualities, but he is quite arrogant. Oh well. Too late now.

  2. I grew up watching Mr Rogers and I turned out just fine.

    I tire of hearing people blame looney tunes and people like Mr Rogers for their personal choices, decisions and issues. It’s high time everyone in this generation learned that we have to take personal responsibility for our own decisions and actions, and stop looking for someone else to blame.

    The real problem, is the me generation mentality.
    If you want to find the real core of the problem, it’s parents afraid to be parents
    or do not take the time, put them off on others to raise.
    I grew up with my Grandparents most of the time and they did a great job.
    Kids need a good foundation of what’s right and wrong.
    Mr Rogers helps with that. I don’t believe for one second that he or cartoons contribute to delinquincy.

  3. Steve – I agree. I know it’s harder now that most families have 2 parents working fulltime but you have to make time to teach your kids. Don’t pass the blame off on Mr. Rogers.

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