Yahoo News has something really really important!

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – What do the Village People movie “Can’t Stop the Music,” the Queen-scored sci-fi flick “Flash Gordon” and the Olivia Newton-John/ELO musical “Xanadu” have in common?

Yes, they’re all cheesy, critically reviled 1980 boxoffice bombs featuring songs from ’70s icons, but there is a far more disturbing connection. The first two are now being shopped around as potential theater musicals, and the latter — delayed by an unfortunate roller boogie accident involving its leading man — skates onto Broadway on Tuesday.[snip]

FLASH GORDON AS A MUSICAL?!?! I WILL SEE a stage version of Flash Gordon if it gets born.

If you’ve not seen Flash Gordon… heh heh heh. It’s camp, 80s camp. I’m not sure what Brian Blessed and Timothy Dalton were thinking when they agreed to be in this film.

Thanks to the awesomeness of YouTube, I can share a little Flash Gordon with you. First up, rock band Queen performing the AWESOME title track:

By the way, mad love to Blades of Glory for using this song in a skating routine – I’m sure that the film’s target audience had no idea what it was.

Second clip: one of the big fight scenes from the film. Quick back story – Flash Gordon and his woman, Dale, are from Earth. They get transported to an alien world to do battle with the evil Ming the Merciless. Ming wants to detroy Earth and take Dale as his concubine. Oh and Flash is an American football player. He uses his mad football skillz to do battle with Ming’s men. Check it:

He’ll save every one of us! We *are* going to this if it becomes a musical!

4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – Flash-AH-AH!”

  1. Thank you for that lovely snippet! Now I’m going to have cheesy 80’s stuff stuck in my head all day. Good thing I’m listening to HP #5 before I see the movie. If anything can chase away Flash, it can!

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