USB gizmos

I’ve mentioned before that I have a sick fascination with weirdo USB devices that you plug into your computer. Found a whole website dedicated to this recently! It just blows my mind the things that people have invented. Here’s a few faves:

A USB Massage Ball – because that’s totally not going to seem inappropriate at work! And it has a car to USB adapter – for all the safe drivers in the world!

USB Massage Ball

USB Mini Lava Lamp – Ok, it’s tacky and I totally want one.

USB Mini Lava Lamp

USB Plasma Ball – Ok, I totally want this too. I’ve been fascinated with these since I was little.

USB Plasma ball

A car shaped USB Ashtray – Cuz you gotta smoke while you watch your internet porn!

USB Ashtray

I think my favorite section is for the USB mice – the floating Homer Simpson one is a particular favorite.

Homer Simpson mouse

But if you really need to pimp out your workspace, may I suggest this?

mouse pad - lighted

Happy shopping!

Attack of the Flying Duckmen

Remember the story I posted about the fleet of rubber ducks that accidentally got tipped into the ocean and were being used to trace currents? Well they may be about to hit the west coast of the UK and Ireland!

white rubber duck

Yeah, that’s all for now – I’m enmeshed in prepping the house for sale. God save me that working a stupid late shift on Friday looks more fun right now… but I have an exit date to California! Hooray!