The name is Bond

A friend of mine found this fun article detailing the Worst 007 Gadgets. I’m not sure, but I think that my favorite is the sofa:The sofa ate me!


5 thoughts on “The name is Bond”

  1. I thought you’d appreciate that. The thing about the couch is – so what? So then a guy is trapped in a couch? He can still yell for help, right?

    And frankly, radioactive lint isn’t a lot sillier than the CIA’s real exploding Cuban cigars for Castro…

  2. The only Bond movie that I’ve seen all the way through is the new Daniel Craig one, and I almost didn’t make it through that one. The card-playing scenes were so boring that my head started nodding. So, I’ll have to take your word for what silly gadgets are best/worst in these films. I’m not going to watch them to find out for myself. ; -)

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