New game

Let’s play – guess how many boxes it took to pack Kim’s house! I took some pictures with a disposable film camera – I will upload shots in a few days so you can see the disaster too! 🙂 

Also, I’d like to thank whatever random neighbor I have with the open wireless network. Thanks, neighbor! 


4 thoughts on “New game”

  1. You know what? You guys had so much stuff in that house, there is no way we would guess anywhere close to correctly!

    When’s the move out west? Waiting until the house sells?

  2. And yet, it’s guessable! I’ve gotten rid of a ton of stuff, with so much more getting ready for a massive charity pickup.

    Drew’s been out west since the beginning of May. The house may take months to sell – worst seller’s market in 20 years or something. I’m looking to be out there in early July.

  3. I’m guessing 117 boxes.

    Talking about random wireless…. The Boy has been taking his new laptop everywhere just so he can see how many places he can pick up wireless signals. Funny, but weird.

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