My new favorite website

I found a new website a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a shout out today, since it entertained me this afternoon. is, well, what it sounds like. Here’s a sterling example: 

A passive agressive note

The site is good, check it out. 

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It’s he-ere!

Today is the big day – the moving company is coming to start packing up my messy, messy house.

Am I done with all the things I wanted to finish before they got here? Of course not! Am I really stressed out? Of course I am! Am I having crying jags over throwing stupid stuff away, stuff like my beautiful fake Christmas tree that my husband surprised me with the first winter as married people in our house together? Yes!

Ah well, they’re pros, they can get this stuff done.  According to them, it will take 2 days to pack and load my house onto the truck. And then I’m the one living out of a suitcase in temporary housing (AKA – my mom’s place).

Fun fact: I haven’t seen my husband since Sunday, May 6. That’s 42 days ago, but who’s counting?

Onward to unemployment – and the pool and hot tub!! There may be no posting the next few days while we dismantle the house.