I was driving around town today running errands, listening to the radio, when a song I hadn’t heard in years came on. It’s a song that I have very strong memories of. See, in junior high my parents sent me to spend a week in Huntsville, Alabama at Space Academy. See, I really thought I wanted to be an astronaut, I loved astronomy and was good with computers and stuff. Yes, I got to ride the Multi-Axis trainer as shown in the movie, Space Camp. No, it doesn’t really have a joystick like it does in the movie. Anyway, the chaperone type woman who ran our team (I think her name was Wendy?) was kind of hard nosed. But one of the guys in our group found out she was really into this new song on the radio. So we grabbed it, wrote our own words, and totally buttered her up by belting it out at the top of our lungs. It’s a great song for that. She thought it was hilarious and it ended up being a good ice breaker for us all. Here is the song for your listening pleasure:Biz Markie – Just a Friend

Here’s the multi-axis trainer – it was pretty fun to ride:Multi-Axis Trainer