Logo scandal

I don’t know if you’ve been following, but there’s been a dust up surrounding the logo for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Here’s what the logo looks like:  

2012 London Olympics logo

What’s the issue? The issue is that the logo is butt ugly and cost around $800,000. Some of the criticisms:

The criticism is fair: the design sucks. It’s just too difficult to read the numbers ‘2012’. They are barely distinguishable as jagged, cut-out shapes, and the colours are garish. Meanwhile, the Olympic rings, surely a key component, have been shrunk to a tiny detail and treated in a single colour.Across the board, few have been kind to the designers. Some have suggested that the logo ‘looks like a window I recently kicked a ball through’; others say it resembles Lisa from The Simpsons ‘giving head’. Some say that it looks like a broken swastika, a car park surrounding a small stadium in the middle, or Little Britain‘s Vicky Pollard getting down with the Elephant Man in a pink tracksuit.  

Heh. Lisa Simpson. Heh. In contrast, here’s the Vancouver 2010 logo:

Vancouver 2010 Logo

Which I think is quite nice. And then there’s the proposed Chicago 2016 logo, which for reasons I don’t understand was rejected by the International  Olympic Committee:

proposed Chicago Olympic logo

I thought that the integration of the Sears Tower with the Olympic flame was kind of neat but what do I know?

So readers, could the London logo get any uglier?

7 thoughts on “Logo scandal”

  1. Only the usual scandal:

    Corporate marketing money and illegal doping of the medists.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and Rx, Rx, Rx, Polypharmacy.

    Nothing new.

  2. I think the Chicago logo got rejected since they haven’t been selected… something about no contestants can use olympic rings or imagry (ie torch) in the designs. So maybe if they;re selected, THEN they can use it. Hopefully, cause I like it.

    London seriously blows. Did you see the animated version?

  3. Rebecca – Like Craig said, it’s not a done deal for Chicago.

    Craig – That’s silly. What’s the point in designing an olympic logo for your bidding presentation if you can’t use the rings or torch? I’ve not seen the animated version but I read on one of the many sites blasting the logo that people are claiming that the animated version can trigger epileptic seizures. Ha!

  4. What i think is really awesome is that it took $800,000 to come up with that. Chicago’s was donated.

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