Makes me a little ill

I’m a big hockey fan, as some of you know. Tonight, the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks won the Stanley Cup. They killed poor Ottawa 6-2 to win it at home. That’s not what makes me ill. What makes me ill is seeing Chris Pronger, who played here for almost ten years, who practicaly grew up here, hoisting the cup, not in a St. Louis jersey.

Ducks win Stanley Cup

(Prongs is the guy above the cup making the WOOOOOO! face) Congrats to the Ducks and Chris Pronger!


3 thoughts on “Makes me a little ill”

  1. I have actually never been so proud. Prongs and I kind of grew up together: he as a Blues player, me as a Blues fan. I have more respect for him than anyone I don’t personally know. I was thrilled for him last night.

  2. Rebecca – He used to frequent my place of employment and he’s a really nice guy. And he’s frickin HUGE. I mean, you don’t get the scope of how big he is till you’re standing next to him. And have to tip your head way up to look him in the face. He got a raw deal when he got sold to Edmonton.

    Phoenix – Brett’s kind of an ass so…. 🙂 BHis relationship with Mike Keenan was just nasty. But yeah, that was a terrible trade too. I was ill last year when Doug Weight hoisted the cup in Carolina. Another nice guy who deserved to win and has given a lot to St. Louis. But Pronger’s darn near born and bred Blue so that was a little more hurtful.

    The good news is that our young team has a lot of talent, and the ownership is trying to build the RIGHT way. So maybe I’ll see the cup on Market Street sometime in my lifetime.

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