Stinky Feet

So this guy I work with and his 3 friends have begun an insane summer project – they are walking from Oregon to the east coast. Yes, you read that right. Walking. Across America. All summer long. Ow. They will be filming their trip and they’re basically relying on the kindness of strangers to make it thru. They plan to walk 3000 some miles, about 17 miles a day. Crazy kids these days! You can follow their trip at their website – there’s a blog and a route and everything.

Have fun, Stinky Feet!

Makes me a little ill

I’m a big hockey fan, as some of you know. Tonight, the Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks won the Stanley Cup. They killed poor Ottawa 6-2 to win it at home. That’s not what makes me ill. What makes me ill is seeing Chris Pronger, who played here for almost ten years, who practicaly grew up here, hoisting the cup, not in a St. Louis jersey.

Ducks win Stanley Cup

(Prongs is the guy above the cup making the WOOOOOO! face) Congrats to the Ducks and Chris Pronger!