25 Best Movies

Stumbled across this list of the 25 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen. There are several on the list that I do actually want to see (The Ringer, Boondock Saints, off the top of my head), and one – Idiocracy – is on its way to me from Netflix.

Anyone seen any of these? What would you have added/left off the list?

9 thoughts on “25 Best Movies”

  1. Out of all of those, the only I have seen is Grace of My Heart. That was on cable sometime in the past year and I happened upon it right when it was starting so I gave it a whirl. I wasn’t super impressed with it but I did watch it all.

    Idiocracy is also on my netflix. Heavenly Creature I have been wanting to see for awhile and it was on A&E a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to start it halway through.

  2. I saw Heavenly Creatures a while back. It was one of those films that kind of stuck with me. The girls are so young, and there was all sorts of depth to their performances even then. Both very good actresses.

    I have seen a few on the list. Haven’t seen Idiocracy, but I’ve been meaning too. Oh, the Ringer really was funny. It’s such a disturbing concept, but they made it very funny/heartwarming in the end.

  3. I’ve seen 4 of these movies: Grace of my Heart (which I enjoyed); Falling Down (which I hated); Heavenly Creatures (it’s got Kate in it…. what’s not to love?); and Time After Time (which I’ve seen many many times…. absolutely love it!).

    If you haven’t seen Time After Time, put it on your Netflix list. The “current” day fashions may be a bit outdated now, but the movie is thrilling fun. Malcolm McDowell is his usual quirky, charming self.

  4. Speaking of Movies, are you guys familiar with filmspotting? If you are a movie person you will enjoy it.

    Its one of my favorite podcasts.

  5. Boondock Saints is one of my all-time favorites! Flanery and Reedus… hot! Dafoe in drag… disturbing! I’ve been wanting to see The Ringer too.

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