Phantom of the Opera

For reasons that I don’t remember (we probably were talking about it at work one day or something) I Netflixed The Phantom of the Opera. Hey, my husband don’t live here no mo’ – I can watch whatever I want!

The costumes and sets were lovely. I wouldn’t have known that Emmy Rossum had actual training in opera if I hadn’t looked it up. She looked like a starry eyed cow for much of the film. There was only one scene in which I believed she had any emotion (Past the Point of No Return, which is at the very end of the show). Gerard Butler, well the man is gorgeous but isn’t a singer. You can’t have everything I guess. The guy that played Raoul – you can tell he IS a singer and had quite a nice voice. Minnie Driver is hilarious as the diva La Carlotta. And they amped up the action – AND changed the placement of the big chandelier drop (which forced them to change lyrics in a song). I thought that was weird but I guess they’ve kept the change in the Vegas version of the show (which was cut to something like a 60 minute show). IMDB has some interesting trivia about the production here – the aforementioned chandelier was gorgeous and very, very, pricey.

But my FAVORITE part of the film was a DVD extra, which I found on YouTube because it cracked me up. The Cast and Crew Sing Along to the theme song – enjoy!

Weekend update

Got another year older this weekend. Meh. It was lame because my husband’s out of town, my best friend is out of town, and I did moving chores all day. Had dinner with my mom and that was nice. If you’re looking for something to get me, I suggest this. Because nothing says “you’ve gotten another year older” like a diamond encrusted human skull!

I did see Knocked Up this weekend. Which wasn’t as funny as I was expecting – the critics are all calling it the funniest movie EVAH. But it’s pretty darn good. That chick from that horrible TV show is pretty darn likeable.

Ok, back to purging more books! Happy Monday!