at&t is out to get us

So my husband’s been trying to get a phone installed in his new California apartment to no avail. The apartment complex is only maybe 2 years old and the previous tenants, well they never had a phone installed in this age of cell phones. So we’re learning that the apartment wasn’t wired correctly during construction! AT&T, er, I mean at&t, is disavowing all knowledge and won’t fix it, because now it’s likely a faulty wiring issue and they won’t go into the walls. So it sounds like the original buildling contractor is getting involved. Ha!

Then this morning I was expecting a phone call and went to place a call. Only to discover that the line at the house here in St. Louis is dead!

at&t hates us in two states!


What a pain. I am beginning to understand why people don’t bother with a landline anymore.

5 thoughts on “at&t is out to get us”

  1. Yeah but alot of people are using the home phone for stuff. I was shocked though – came home at 3:30 or so and it was fixed! Take that California branch! 🙂

  2. There’s no wiring in the house/apartment and it’s the carrier’s fault? That makes no sense? How about taking it out on the apartment manager and asking him to wire the apartment then go back to at&t and tell them when the wiring is completed. should be easy enough.

  3. Grand Royal – Yeah. It’s a good racket I tell ya.

    Uhhh – Actually, it is wired and at&t did the original wiring and something is horribly wrong as there is no dial tone. Like I said, the original builder is now involved and they have to sort it out with at&t. I had to go thru this at work recently to get some spaces wired for phones and at&t insists on doing the wiring so it becomes a big pain. Not to mention there are often union issues.

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