Ed Wood

After seeing Plan 9 From Outer Space: LIVE a few weeks ago, I had an itch to watch the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Oscar award winning film Ed Wood. I knew I was going to enjoy it about 5 minutes into the film when, in the movie, a news paper critic said that Sarah Jessica Parker had a horse face. I mean, I’ve been saying that for YEARS, people!

Anyway, the film is funny and poignant and a nice tribute to both Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi. Definitely worth a rental! And the IMDB trivia on the film is pretty interesting too!


2 thoughts on “Ed Wood”

  1. I love the movie “Ed Wood”. Depp’s big looney smile is too funny. And he looks so weird in a cashmere sweater and blonde wig. heehee. And yes, girl, we’ve both been sayin’ that ’bout Ms. Parker for years. It was one of the reasons I couldn’t never get into “Sex in the City”.

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