New habit and free online TV

I’ve decided I’m going to break up some posts into multiple posts as I’ve often rolled a bunch of thoughts into one monster post. So be sure to scroll down to make sure you’ve gotten all the new entries (or use the calendar to click on days).

Anyway, this site is pretty cool – it has links to TV episodes from a bunch of different shows. For example, I’ve wanted to catch up on the HBO show, Rome. It looks like they have all episodes from both seasons up. I did run into problems and need to install a DIVX player to watch some of them. But…. pretty freaking cool as there are several shows up that I want to see (Rome, The Tudors, maybe Torchwood, a couple of Mythbusters episodes, etc.)

I wonder about the legality of this site so get it while you can I guess!


2 thoughts on “New habit and free online TV”

  1. If they have “Dexter” be sure to watch it! Hubby and I are really into it right now and are working our way thru the first season. It’s very well written. You’d like it.

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