2nd Friday post – BREAKING NEWS

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — A 400-pound gorilla escaped from his enclosure and ran amok in a Rotterdam zoo Friday, biting one woman, dragging her around, and causing panic among dozens of visitors before he was finally subdued, officials and a witness said.

The Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo was evacuated and the 11-year-old gorilla, named Bokito, was eventually contained in a restaurant within the park, police spokeswoman Yvette de Rave said.

Four people were injured, including the woman who was bitten, zoo director Ton Dorrestijn said.

Bokito was shot with a sedative dart and recaptured, said zoo spokeswoman Lilian Jonkers, but she couldn’t say what his condition was. It was not immediately clear how he managed to climb the high stone walls surrounding his enclosure.

“He got over the moat, which in itself is remarkable, because gorillas can’t swim,” Dorrestijn said. “He got onto a path for visitors and started running and went at full speed through tables and diners at the Oranje restaurant.”

A witness, Robert de Jonge, told NOS radio that he didn’t see the gorilla escape but began following it and tried to help after he saw people running and screaming that the animal had grabbed a woman.

“I saw the beast running through the park with a woman behind him, him grabbing her forearm,” De Jonge said.

At a distance of around 30 yards, he saw the gorilla lie down near the woman and then heard her scream.

“He bit her, or I think he bit her, because when he stood up his mouth was covered in blood,” De Jonge said.

He said he then stopped to tell arriving police what had happened and ran with them as they traced the gorilla to a nearby restaurant terrace.

The zoo was packed with visitors as many Dutch took advantage of a national holiday Thursday to make a long weekend.

“Everyone was in panic, running away, screaming, wailing, screaming kids running around, I don’t know what all, kids without parents — it was a total drama,” De Jonge said.

Children cowered in their parents’ arms as the gorilla loped past.

People tried to hide inside the restaurant and were trying to bar the door, but fled as the gorilla approached, De Jonge said. Bokito then punched through the glass door and ran inside.

“They were all in panic — the animal, too, I mean — and all the people ran outside the restaurant, and zoo personnel were running up and they were able to keep the animal inside by barricading the doors with garden furniture and things,” he said.

De Jonge said he later saw the woman “covered in blood,” but walking unaided.



3 thoughts on “2nd Friday post – BREAKING NEWS”

  1. Sounds like a very inspired gorilla. A zoo takes on a big responsibility when it confines such wonderful and potentially dangerous animals without bars. It is not the gorilla that did something wrong. It is a little odd that he bit the woman. Probably extremely excited and maybe a little upset over captivity….after all they are 90% similar to humans. If you would put me in a zoo, I would try to escape and likely hurt someone in the process. If they destroy the gorilla, they should imprison the zoo director for life just to be fair. Hopefully they move him to more secure surroundings without bars. Hopefully the injured people will fully recover and forgive all concerned.

  2. Obviously you are not as well informed as you could be 😉

    There are bars. Natural bounadries and shock wire in those. Sufficient for an animal that isn’t agitated by man.

    The Gorilla in question grew up in captivity and was raised by humans. There was word that some visitors “challenged” the gorilla, irritated it. I cannot think of the proper English word right now. That could also explain it biting the woman, perfectly logical. Confine a pet dog, start irritating it and what does the loving pet do? Right.. bite.

    On the director.. nonsense.

    He is being held indoors for the moment, to calm down along with all the other gorillas. It will be a few days till they can go outside again. I don’t know of other surroundings in the zoo without bars, this was the gorilla “environment”, it would be hard to move him outside that. The zoo isn’t that big.

    Eadwine – from the NL

  3. Eadwine – Of course I’m not well informed, all we got in the US was, well, exactly what I posted. OF COURSE a gorilla raised in captivity that got loose went a little crazy. I am sure that you are right and it was being teased by a visitor. Poor thing was probably angry, not to mention terrified since it was as you say raised in captivity and suddenly in a scary situation.

    A lot of zoos in the US have “gorilla habitat” exhibits now – no bars but they’re in more natural environments and are penned in by unscalable trenches and not bars or wires.

    But when it comes down to it, how scary that must have been to see a 400 lb gorilla running around in a panic!

    Thanks for the post!

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