Thursday link dump!

This is possible the best headline EVER.

Someone sent me this article awhile back because they thought I’d get a kick out of the stories on the page since I work retail. The horror stories are great and a lot of it rings true to experiences I’ve had over the years.

And did you see the article a few weeks back about Busch Stadium totally ripping off Gus’ Pretzels? If you’re in St. Louis near the A-B Brewery go to Gus’ – they are DELICIOUS. And now I’m hungry.

One last thing a friend found – a kinetic light project. It’s pretty cool.

Ok, back to packing!


3 thoughts on “Thursday link dump!”

  1. I’m so glad I quit working retail way back in the early 90’s. It paid well, but wasn’t worth the hassles and the horrible hours especially during the holidays.

  2. Maggie – Gus’ rocks. And they’re right outside the brewery so you know they’re good.

    KC – I hear your words. I hope to get out of it in California!!

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