Everybody must get stoned

For reasons that I can’t explain, that song is stuck in my head. So I’m spreading my earworm (with a hell of a lineup) to you all:

Anyway, ever wondered what would happen if Mike Ditka (you know, Da Coach) decided to go into the wine business? Well now you can find out! I’m particularly hoping to find a bottle of his kick-ass red wine. Seriously, that’s what it’s called.

Also, good news Lost fans – there’s an end date set! I think this is a brilliant decision – I LOVED the first season and I think it got off track. And I think it got off track because they have a mythology worked out but don’t know how long to take to get there, so they throw in random weird episodes. Giving them a set number of episodes is the best way to wrap it up. So hopefully we’ve all been watching for a reason and they give it a good send off!


4 thoughts on “Everybody must get stoned”

  1. I’m so glad that LOST has announced an end date. I also thought that it was meandering because it really didn’t know where to go.

  2. The rumors are that something huge is happening this season finale. I’m not sure what other than some people are dying. I heard one rumor about a fan favorite dying. Which probably means Hurley, though I hope not.

  3. KC – Yeah yeah yeah!

    Maggie – Oh whatever. They were supposed to kill a certain someone a few weeks ago. LOST has PUSSED OUT on killing people.

    Phoenix – Like I told KC once, it’s like an abusive relationship that you keep coming back to. But seriously, I have a really hard time NOT finishing books, even if I hate them, I feel invested and get to the end. I have hopes that they can finish it off well but we will see. And yes, that’s EXACTLY the way to sum up Ditka’s Kick Ass Red.

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