Friday Friday!

Today we go on a whirlwind tour to find a place to live. Wish us luck!

Here’s your fun Friday news…

A representative from Utah has FINALLY figured out why the US has an immigration problem. That tricksy Satan!

A friend tipped me off to this website with the 20 most amazing coincidences. I love stuff like this!

A probable painting of Charles II’s mistress Nell Gwyn is about to go up for sale for $4 million.

Have you heard that the Geico cavemen are getting their own sitcom? Here’s a snarky review of the pilot. Heh.

Happy Friday!!

3 thoughts on “Friday Friday!”

  1. I hope you find a really great place! It’s fun looking for a new house, isn’t it?

    Thanks for all the fun links. I especially liked the coincidences.

    Oh, and I’ve always thought that all of Peter Lely’s portraits of women look too much the same…. especially around the eyes. He makes them all look as if they have slightly puffy goggle eyes. Too bad that most of the court portraiture of that time was by Lely. I don’t like him. I think it’s Nell, not Barbara. Did you know that Princess Diana was a descendent of Barbara Villiers thru Barbara’s 2nd illegitimate son (Henry) by Charles II?

  2. KC – It can be but this is a rushed “quick find a small apartment” thing so it’s not so fun. I did NOT know that about Diana! Very cool!

    grand royal – Me too!

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