For reasons that I forget, a couple weeks ago I was running around Wikipedia and I came across a list of queens regnant. It’s kind of fun list – I didn’t realize there were so many in ancient Egypt!

What reminded me of this? Well at work they changed the playlist on the store’s overhead sound system and there’s QUEEN on it! With one of the best songs EVER! Here ya go!

Happy birthday

to Star Wars! Today is the 30th anniversary of its first screening!

Star Wars

Some events are scheduled to mark the occasion.

Did you know Harrison Ford wasn’t the first choice to play Han Solo? Here are some other men who were in consideration for the part:

Kurt Russell
James Caan
Nick Nolte
Al Pacino
Burt Reynolds
Sylvester Stallone
Billy Dee Williams
and… Christopher Walken

Can you imagine Walken as Han?

And this article details the first time viewing by a guy in the UK. It’s entertaining. My college roomate grew up under a rock so she’d never seen them. When they came to the big screen in the 1990s we forced her to see them. It was really fun watching with someone who knew NOTHING about the stories.

Anyway, rock out space cadets!

at&t is out to get us

So my husband’s been trying to get a phone installed in his new California apartment to no avail. The apartment complex is only maybe 2 years old and the previous tenants, well they never had a phone installed in this age of cell phones. So we’re learning that the apartment wasn’t wired correctly during construction! AT&T, er, I mean at&t, is disavowing all knowledge and won’t fix it, because now it’s likely a faulty wiring issue and they won’t go into the walls. So it sounds like the original buildling contractor is getting involved. Ha!

Then this morning I was expecting a phone call and went to place a call. Only to discover that the line at the house here in St. Louis is dead!

at&t hates us in two states!


What a pain. I am beginning to understand why people don’t bother with a landline anymore.

Ed Wood

After seeing Plan 9 From Outer Space: LIVE a few weeks ago, I had an itch to watch the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Oscar award winning film Ed Wood. I knew I was going to enjoy it about 5 minutes into the film when, in the movie, a news paper critic said that Sarah Jessica Parker had a horse face. I mean, I’ve been saying that for YEARS, people!

Anyway, the film is funny and poignant and a nice tribute to both Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi. Definitely worth a rental! And the IMDB trivia on the film is pretty interesting too!