The final frontier

Yesterday James “Scottie” Doohan was laid to rest. Well sort of. Some of his ashes were actually shot into space. Pretty flippin cool I say.

In other geek news, geeks are drooling over the discovery of kryptonite. You know, the only weakness that Superman has (besides Lois I mean)?

One upshot about my husband being out of town is movie watching in my house. I own the Netflix queue now and I can watch WHATEVER I WANT! So yesterday I had a bunch of movies on and one thing I watched was Pride & Prejudice, again. I went to IMDB to lok someone up and saw this in the trivia notes:

US version has a different ending: after Mr. Bennet and Elizabeth’s conversation, a scene follows where Darcy and “Mrs. Darcy” are at Pemberly talking about their happiness.

!! What? How does the UK version end? I always thought that scene was a little odd, but I figured they needed something to wrap it up because it would be abrupt to leave it with the scene previous to that. Has anyone seen an non-US version to tell me how THEY end it?

And I leave you with this, brought to you by a college friend…


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